Retail Product Design

We are a graphics, innovation, and industrial aware capable company with competency in product development. Our consumer products experience is in but not limited to social expression, stationary, soft goods, back to school, party, accessories, retail spaces, retail tiers and more.

Retail Product Design and Innovation

We can take your licensed product opportunities to a fully layout-out and industrial designed retail solution. We can use internal skill, resources, external partners and our experience to develop functional prototypes and end product. After we set up your product, the goal is to get your product ready for buyers and ultimately into as many stores as possible.  We want to help you achieve the highest level of success by provide you with the sales tools you will need.

We can consult and work with licensors to develop additional licensed opportunities and review contracts for opportunities of line expansion within existing categories to increase incremental sales.


We advance industrial product innovations by pushing the limits of technology, existing manufacturing processes, materials and coming at the development process at multiple angles with a fresh views. We review and enhance seasonal product assortments in new merchandising formats in an effort to penetrate retail accounts in major retailers on online. We can meet and source manufacturers to explore new product lines, additional innovations, ensured print and assembly quality control, acquired sharper pricing, and ensured process streamlining. This including the USA, Canada, Hong Kong, China, India, Vietnam and Thailand. We can attend local and overseas tradeshows for sourcing opportunities and new products.

In tandem with creating great traditional retail product for licensee's and branding collateral solutions, we are looking for opportunities to link branding, licensing, retail and unconventional products to consumer digital user experience.