We love licensing.

We have experience in licensing, designing and building programs cross over party, stationary, wrap, back to school, decor and apparel

License Product Layout Design

We provide full service layout design using required licensed contract parameters, licensed style guides, provided artwork and over a decade of experience in consumer product preparation for approval and production. Our knowledge of how licensing works and the process needed to apply artwork to products, packaging, signage, sell sheets, approvals, manufacturing spec’s and shipping master cases is extensive. We are excited to help at any stage of the process with current licensees, new licensees, licensors and those who may be seeking licensing.

Product Design and Strategy

In licensing design, we know what to look out for in preparing materials for production. We can innovate, replicate, expand product tiers and territories. We work with local and overseas manufacturers to develop or explore new product lines, additional innovations, ensuring print and assembly quality control, acquire better pricing, prototyping and ensuring streamlining of processes. Under our Branding Design, we can provide support in all the methods of business collateral. Everything from print to responsive online presence to video marketing.

License Design Approach

We work with current licensees to accept overflow in production or to provide a different design perspective. We have had great success in exploring contracts for new opportunities for line expansion within existing categories helping to increase incremental sales. We assist industrial product innovations by exploring the limits of materials and manufacturing. We develop licensing opportunities with market assessment, propose strategic development, identify strategic partners as well as facilitate product development, compliance, and approvals.

Interested in Licensing?

We currently are working with various groups on licensing programs both for internal licensing and partnerships in Licensing. If you have a product, retail opportunity or concept you would like to discuss, Contact us today.