INproduction is an innovative & experienced business & design studio.

We’re like a modern consultancy that makes things. We specialize in Licensed Consumer Products, Online, Augmented Reality, Video Marketing and Branding Design, offering full service creative solutions, production design and product innovation to our clients and partners.


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Consumer Products Services

License Product Layout Design

We work with current licensees to accept overflow in production or just being a different design perspective outlet. For new clients, we can provide full service layout design (…more)

Product Design and Strategy

In licensing design, we know what to look out for in preparing materials for production or business market share maneuvers. We can innovate, replicate, expand product tiers or possible territories. (…more)

Licensing Design Business

Our experience in designing and building programs cross over party, stationary, wrap, back to school, decor and apparel.

We develop licensing opportunities with market assessment, (…more)


Branding Design Services

Online and Digital Design

Beautiful responsive design is our goal. Web design is keeping up to date with cutting-edge functionality and best design (more…)

Print Design

Our print design work gives our clients the in-hand edge in sales meeting, face-to-face (more…)

Motion Graphics & Video Marketing

More and more, videos, motion graphics and augmented reality are becoming the primary story teller of communication. (more…)

What our partners and clients say

Working with Keith and his team has always been a pleasure. We know and trust that Keith’s hard work and collaborative spirit positions our brand partnerships for maximum beneficial success.

Drew Rowley – Director of Licensing Fox Entertainment

Keith Loiselle oversaw 8 years worth of mass production of licensed and non licesne production with Max Fortune. Our working together was a beneficial relationship.

Movie Lau – Director Max Fortune Industrial LTD. Hong Kong/China

Keith and I have worked together on several innovation solutions  in corrugated with licensed product, point of purchase displays and shipping solutions with great success.

Tia Hing Tse – Director Millions Communications Hong Kong/China

On behalf of the Algonquin College’s Graphic Design Program, I would like to thank you and your company for your support of our field work program over the past 5 years.

Christotpher Jones – Program Coordinator Graphic Design Algonquin College

INproduction is a highly qualified company that has, in the past, produced several very successful marketing products for the Department.

Louise Morissette – Director Foreign Affairs Canada and International Trade Canada

I have not seen anyone pump out as much artwork as you have. This is quite an accomplishment. We cannot make product without your inter- pretation of the Artwork. I am very pleased with all that you have done! Keith, you and your creative team should be very proud

Ratna Kirpal – Manager Hard Lines Disney USA

License Experience History